Down below there is a list of the most significant projects and milestones, sorted by start date, in which I have delved since December 2019.


Start of the CodeCraft & Beyond conceptualization

This is a project whos aim is to assist the development of science. How? By valorizing cientific codes doom to be neglected in a dusty drawer, and by providing formations in the use of FOSS to manage, organize, and leverage our knowledge and skills.


This Personal Webpage is born

Struggling with the capacity to quickly and effectively design in the blog a personal webpage dedicated to who I am, I started this website. The plan is to have here a nice way to build different desings, leaving the blog in Hugo, perfect as it is.


First 50 articles on Poview

A year, a month, and six days after the publication of the first article on my blog Poview, I attained the 50 articles mark. And that’s only counting those in English, because there must be a few in Spanish that were never ported to English.


Started a Newsletter in Spanish: “El Balcón”

I was feeling hand-tied having to write in English in the Blog, and not being capable to express myself in my mother tongue. Therefore, I started this small side project, to leave the blog as it was.


Postdoctoral fellowship

A Postdoctoral fellowship in Computational Chemistry with 1 year funding to investigate at the atomistic scale a Ruthenium complex showed to be an efficient catalyst to convert dihydrogen and carbon dioxide into formic acid, and then easily release them.


The Blog is born

The blog My Point of View (bilingual) was born, as a personal project I set after ending my PhD. It was mostly inspired by the works of Luke Smith and Protesilaos Stavrou.


Ph.D. in Physical-Chemistry

This was a long term project which made me grow in extents nobody, even me, is capable to imagine. It started on December 1st, 2019, and ended 3 years and seven days after, on December 7th, 2022.