Curriculum Vitae

So you want to know more about what do I do, and how could I help to your project, or even set one together? Then, you have come to the right place.

It is probably as a Scientific Researcher, and more specifically in the Computational and Numeric Simulations area, where my experience is more prominent. However, keep in mind that I have side hustles and personal projects which considerably extended my capabilities and skills. You can check out the Work with me and 3 picked projects sections of the home page to get an idea of the waters I am sailing these days, and continue from there to those I have sailed in the past.

To avoid repetition, I will not make another CV on this page. Instead, you can take a quick look at my Resume down below, and then continue with my comprehensive Curriculum Vitae if needed. Please, do not hesitate to email me in case you want to know more.