About me

My name is Yaidel. I’m a Scientific Researcher and Nuclear Engineer, or the other way around if you want them chronologically. Now, professionalism set aside, I love Writing, Photography, Web Design, and Coding. You put all that together and will end up with someone involved in all kind of projects, ranging from scientific research to structural modeling engineering to writing to coding web pages.

Me at the «Dune du Pilat», July, 2020.

Native from «La tierra más hermosa que ojos humanos hayan visto», and now being cold in the Old Continent: what can you do? I have managed myself to somehow end up speaking Spanish, English, and French. The first is my mother tongue, the second comes from the scientific side, and the third comes from my current habitat.

Specifically, this is my personal webpage, which includes all kind of information, experiments, projects, and writings: it’s the center of a constellation, with everything orbiting around it, even the blog, which was born first.

I’d love now to hear from you. Email me, or get in touch in social media… at least the few I am on (listed in the footer of this webpage).